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Ontario electricity has never been cheaper, but bills have never been higher

August 10, 2016

It is so disappointing to learn that all the pain we have accepted as a province will accomplish nothing towards helping the environment while devastating our province and especially the not wealthy people who can no longer make ends meet.
It is easy to just blame the government but as a society we are to blame for endorsing these failed policies, cronyism and corruption by giving the government a strong mandate. They are doing their job and what they campaigned on in the election that we granted to them.


Wynne’s Green Revolution – Hold On To Your Wallets

May 16, 2016

Today in The Globe and Mail, it was reported that the Wynne Liberals, intend to spend 7 BILLION DOLLARS of your money over 4 years to slash Ontario’s carbon footprint. How will they do this? Well, the article in today’s paper exposes the secret 57 page Climate Change Action Plan that the Wynne government intends to execute. It is a sweeping 80 policies grouped into 32 actions that will cost our province as a whole and all of us individuals huge money in the next 20 years.

I am really interested in hearing from all my friends how they feel about this initiative and how it will impact Ontarians. Please read the Globe article and let me know what you think.

I am very concerned about electricity becoming unaffordable for average consumers over this period of time. One main change the Wynne government intends to impose on Ontarians is outlawing any form of the affordable natural gas heat we now heavily rely upon and force consumers and businesses to heat their homes with electricity. Whether by forcing them into extremely expensive electric, heat pump or geo thermal heat pump based heating systems, our costs will skyrocket.

We were recently hit with a massive rate increase because we were using “too little” electricity and the poor electricity generation monopolies complained of insufficient profit because of their reduced sales that were directly impacted by the installation of so many high efficiency systems across Ontario.

Now Wynne has the ideal plan to ensure that the electricity monopolies get the profits they want. By forcing every home and business to heat with electricity, the demand for electricity will skyrocket, and of course the rates will skyrocket as well, but the consumer will be severely battered on all levels. Firstly, the cap and trade tax which will raise the price of everything, then our heating systems will change to electricity which will drastically increase our heating costs and to make it even worse, our electricity rates will skyrocket.

I am very concerned that living in Ontario will become unaffordable for the average working class family. How many of us can afford to increase our budgets by 30%? I believe conservatively that this will be the cost of these revolutionary changes.

But as a heating and air conditioning contractor who is also an Accredited Geothermal Designer and Installer, I must thank the Wynne liberals for ensuring that every heating and air conditioning system in Ontario will require changing to very costly new systems in short order. This will definitely keep us contractors very busy and very profitable.

Higher electricity rates kick in for Ontario

May 2, 2016

Hello Friends,

Here we go again!

It is unfortunate that our electricity costs have quadrupled in the last 10 years and electricity is becoming unaffordable.  Upgrading to high efficiency equipment is no longer a luxury to save electricity, without high efficiency, I know many people who simply cannot afford to heat and cool their homes. Please see this article from the Toronto Sun on the latest rate increase.


Power to the people comes with an ever steeper price.

Source: Higher electricity rates kick in for Ontario

Low Interest Financing forFurnace and AC Upgrades

March 22, 2016

Hello my Dear Friends,

Have you been thinking about replacing your furnace, AC or water tank but it is just too expensive? Rental is out of the question due to the predatory interest rates that are being charged by the rental companies. Even financing can be costly. Well I have good news for you. The City of Toronto is offering homeowners and building owners very low interest rates for upgrades to  your heating and domestic hot water systems. You can get a 10 year commitment at 3.75%. This is simply unbeatable. Chances are if you take advantage of this offer, you will save more on your utility bills than what your payments will be so you will be increasing your cashflow from day 1.

As the summer is approaching and our hydro rates have drastically increased since last summer, most people will be shocked by their hydro bills this summer. You can protect yourself from this hit to your wallet.

Feel free to contact me to see how we can help you take advantage of this incredible offer.

Click here for more information on the Home Energy Loan Plan

New York, NY – City Slowly Moves Away From Sooty Fuel Oil —

March 25, 2013

WOW- This Is Awesome – Control Your Thermostat from Anywhere!!

February 22, 2012

I’d like to share a great new technology that is now available in the marketplace. The Ecobee internet enabled thermostat.

Do you have a cottage that remains empty all winter? Did you ever have a heating failure and have your pipes burst and your cottage flooded? I hear this all the time.

Do you ever come home from work early and want to cool down your home before you get home?

Well, now this is all possible!! The Ecobee thermostat can be completely controlled from your computer or iPhone from wherever you are. If your heat is down and your home or cottage is in danger of freezing, you will get an email warning you to correct the problem.

Please see the videos below for more information on this great thermostat. Call us for more information.

Rebates and Incentives Cancelled

February 22, 2012

The Government of Canada announced the end of the Eco-Energy program at the end of January. Please click here to go to the government website with the the details. For registered homeowners, you can complete the upgrades until the end of March and do your post improvement inspection until the end of June.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners – Applications

August 7, 2011

Good Morning Friends,

Today I would like to discuss the most popular application for ductless air conditioners.

Most of the requests we get for ductless air conditioners are for the 3rd floor lofts. Typically, there is a small landing at the top of the stairs with a bedroom on each side. My customers ask me to install a unit in the landing area that they hope will cool both bedrooms.

I want to point out an area of concern to avoid. I am often called on by major manufacturers of ductless air conditioners to fix problems with the installations of other contractors. Recently I was asked to replace a unit that had its compressor burn out 2 times in 2 years.

I found a large ductless unit installed in a tiny landing area that was short cycling because it was cooling the small area too quickly. This on and off cycling of the compressor is very harsh on the compressor and caused it to burn out.

When installing these units, contractors must be very careful not to oversize the units and try to cool the whole house because the unit will burn out.

As with any heating and cooling equipment, do not buy any unit before a complete heat loss/gain study is performed on your home to determine your exact heat gain or loss.

I would also recommend using an inverter unit which allows the unit to reduce its capacity rather than cycle on and off.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

August 2, 2011

Good Morning Friends,

Today I would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of ductless air conditioners. Ductless air conditioners were designed to provide cooling where there are no air ducts available to deliver adequate cooling. The following are examples of homes that could benefit from ductless air conditioners.

  1. Homes that are heated with a boiler and perimeter radiators or in-floor radiant heat.
  2. Homes that are heated with electric baseboard heat.
  3. Homes with rooms that are not getting enough cool air from the existing air conditioning system.
  4. Third floor rooms that are always too warm in the summer.
  5. Rooms with unusually high loads such as offices with computers, kitchens or sun rooms.

All of these rooms would benefit from the great cooling and dehumidification capabilities of a ductless air conditioner.

Ductless units have the following advantages:

  1. They cool exceptionally well where standard ducted systems cannot.
  2. They are great at removing the humidity making the home feel dry in addition to cool.
  3. They can also be a source of heat. This saves a lot of money when you are currently using electric baseboard heat.
  4. They allow for independent temperature control of the rooms that they service.

The disadvantages are:

  1. There is a visible unit mounted in the treated room. Please see the videos below that feature some very nice looking units that can blend in to any decor.
  2. They cannot be controlled by a conventional 7-Day programmable thermostat. They use a wireless remote.
  3. Many unprofessional contractors install these units, often incorrectly, causing much grief and equipment failure. Buyer BEWARE when selecting a contractor to install a ductless mini-split.

Technology has advanced and now ductless units are available with completely concealed units. They also make some very nice looking units. Please see the 2 videos below. You can leave a comment for me with any questions or applications and I will be happy to help you pick a unit that will work best for you.

Ductless air conditioners

July 12, 2011

Lately we have been getting many inquiries about ductless air conditioners. Since choosing the correct system and installer is a minefield, I will write the next few posts about the different type of systems available, the variety of brands, features, and most important, the installation requirements. As a contractor the provides factory service for some of the major manufacturers, I will share with you the problems I have found in the field due to systems that were not installed properly and how to avoid them.