Is your home safe? Carbon Monoxide Blamed for Killing Six in Michigan Family – NBC News

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Clean Energy or Money Grab

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Our provincial government hiked the cost of electricity that many people can no longer afford to power their homes. These crazy high electricity prices are inducing people to change from unaffordable electric heat to much more affordable gas heat. This seems logical especially since getting a gas line from Enbridge is free to anyone looking to get gas service. However, the provincial government,  in a sneaky move just approved insanely high rates to install gas lines. The average home pays over $2,000 plus tax to have a gas line installed. I even have a customer who was told that a gas line would cost almost $30,000.
Clearly, our government does not care about efficiency, only revenue and is opening every avenue to take money from hard working Ontarians.
I am so upset about this massive barrier the provincial governemt has placed in front of those wishing to conserve electricity.
I have alot to share with you about this issue. Please let me know if you want more information.

When did you last service your water heater?

December 22, 2015 by

Once again we had a CO incident in Toronto. Most people don’t realize that their water heater requires annual maintenance. Do you rent your water tank? Is it serviced regularly. If not, you are endangering the lives of your family.

See this CO report from The Sun

Keep Your Family Safe

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Carbon Monoxide poisoning has once again reared its ugly head and injured people in Toronto.

To keep yourself safe, make sure to have a working carbon monoxide detector on every level of your home in a location that will alert you even if you are sleeping. It must be loud enough to wake you up in the event of danger.

Do you know that CO detectors expire? Make sure to check your CO detectors are not expired. They will have an expiry date on them.

Do you need new detectors? You can buy them at any home store such as Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Lowes, Home Hardware.

Don’t procrastinate on this one, your life and the lives of your family are at stake.

See this news article from CTV news.

Toddler, 2 adults hospitalized for CO poisoning

Congratulations David

December 23, 2014 by

Good Day My Friends,

We at Premi-Air are so proud to congratulate David, our technician on his appointment to teach the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning course at George Brown College.

David started with us many years ago as an entry level labourer. He worked at a plant that we serviced and was intrigued by our work. He asked us to hire him and give him the opportunity to learn the trade. We saw that David possessed the determination, dedication, focus and smarts to succeed so we hired him and gave him the opportunity to grow. We trained and nurtured encouraged and supported and now David has reached the pinnacle of his career.

He is now a G1 Technician and trainer and a 313A Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic

We are proud of the professionalism and skill that we help develop in our technicians and feel so good to give back to the industry by developing trainers that can train the next generation of HVAC professionals.

We are humbled that this excellence is noted by George Brown College and are proud to be at the forefront of our trade as leaders and trailblazers.

If you know of any highly motivated, dedicated, focused, determined and smart people who are looking for an opportunity to reach the pinnacle of their career, please send them to us.

Have them send their resume to



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Good Day My Friends,

I am saddened to say that we were called to a building by a new client last week to “get the gas meter unlocked” and restore the heat. When we reached this site, we found an active investigation going on by TSSA, Metro Police and Enbridge. We were told that someone installed the boiler in an unsafe manner and then jumpered a safety switch which allowed the boiler to operate in a dangerous condition spewing carbon monoxide into the building. 2 people are fighting for their lives with a low chance of survival due to this carbon monoxide poisoning.

Please make sure only to employ licensed and qualified service technicians. Nobody wants to be the cause of death and nobody wants anyone to die for such a preventable cause.

Jerusalem – Three Killed As Cooking Gas Container Blows Up In Jerusalem Home —

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Ice Storm Power Down – Don’t Get Stuck In The Cold

December 22, 2013 by

Dear Friends,

So many of us are sitting in the cold worrying about our pipes, our children, our elderly and even our food defrosting in our freezers. Our phone systems and security systems are down. At the office our computer systems are down costing us thousands of dollars.

 I know of several of my customers that do not have these worries. They had the foresight to install a standby generator. With a standby generator, as soon as the hydro goes down, your home generator automatically starts to provide you with safe and steady power.

This year we had too many power interruptions. With the floods in the summer and now the ice storm in the winter it has become clear that we can no longer rely on our utilities to keep us safe.

Backup generators are simple and affordable and are a great investment in the safety of your family and business.


They range in price from $5,000 for a basic package  to $30,000 for a system that can power up a home of 10,000 square feet. All generator packages can be financed for an affordable monthly payment.


After today’s storm, I wanted to get the best pricing for generators and I made a special deal with my supplier based on a quantity of 20. I will be offering a special discount of $500 for the first 20 generators that I sell.

There are also even more affordable packages for manual gasoline generators to power your furnace and refrigerators/freezers. These have to be manually started and require you fill up the tanks with gasoline every few hours, but at least you have your heat and basic needs covered.


Please contact me right away to order your generator and take advantage of this limited time offer.

Best Regards,

Joseph Simon

Please visit my Blog for great information on the latest HVAC issues

Please check out our websites for the latest information on our products, services and specials.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Spread the word – Speak Out

December 8, 2013 by

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Spread the word – Speak Out

Dear Community Members,

We the Korman family from Far Rockaway would like to share our personal Chanukah MIRACLE with you. Some of you may know who we are, and some may not, but our identity is not important because this story could be about you.  All day last Friday, my wife and I walked around complaining of headaches and feeling quite tired.  We made no big deal of it, as we are blessed with a 3 month old who likes to keep us up at night.  Friday night we thought to ourselves, wow our little munchkin must be growing, as she was waking up more than usual making sure we didn’t sleep much.  At about 6AM, during our infant feeding hour, our 5 year old daughter let out a wild scream.  We ran into her room to see what was wrong.  As we approached her, she looked at us with crazed eyes and screamed again and then her body went limp.  We took her to the bathroom where she began to retch and after vomiting she was slowly able to stand and move her body.  She then complained of a headache, so naturally like any Jewish parent, we gave her a wet shamata for her head and took her temperature.  As we were about to call Hatzalah, our very calm and loving 8 year old son screamed on the top of his lungs “I CANT TAKE THE CRYING!” (Referring of course to our baby which we left to fend for herself and she was letting us know that she was not happy about it.) We ran to his room and found him drenched in sweat, unable to stand, and retching.  Naturally we ran him to the bathroom.  Our 5 year old wanted to see what was happening so she got off the couch and as soon as she got into the bathroom vomited again, passed out and once again was unable to move her body.  We called Hatzalah, who we are so grateful to, and within minutes they were in our house measuring the oxygen saturation of our children.  Suddenly, the paramedic yelled “everyone out of the house and into the ambulance now!….we had carbon monoxide poisoning!

Carbon monoxide is a deadly, colorless, odorless and tasteless poisonous gas which many people never survive to talk about. We did not have functional carbon monoxide detectors at the time, Hashem was truly watching over our family.  When someone goes through such a situation you are left with the feeling of what do I do with this? Where do I channel it?   We have decided to take it upon ourselves to share our story and educate the public to ensure that this will never happen to you. 

We therefore ask you to check to make sure you have working non expired carbon monoxide detectors with backup batteries.  Call your alarm company to make sure you are covered for carbon monoxide and of course pass this lesson along to family and friends.    As we lit the candles Motzei Shabbos *Saturday night we had tears in our eyes and thankfulness in our hearts, as we were truly celebrating and understanding the meaning of a “Nais Gadol.” (a BIG Miracle)

Please share the message with your family and friends – you can save a life.

Beware of Contractors

October 16, 2013 by

Hello Friends,
Many homeowners in Toronto have their homes under construction to repair the flood damage from our August storm. My technicians have pointed out and corrected many dangerous situations that were caused by contractors that were not knowledgeable in the gas code and the dangers lurking on a construction site.
The most common danger we find is open return air ducts in a furnace room. Often during the demolition phase, walls and air ducts are removed to allow for the reconstruction. If the demolishers are not properly informed or not careful, this can cause air to be sucked out of the furnace room. This creates a very dangerous scenario because the gas furnace, boiler or hot water tank will produce fatal levels of CARBON MONOXIDE under these conditions.
To stay safe, make sure your contractor gets a licensed gas technician visit the site to ensure it is safe.
If anyone in your home experiences symptoms of CO poisoning, such as headaches or naseau, get out of the house immediately to a place of abundant fresh air and get medical help. Then call a licensed gas contractor from outside your home to make sure your home is safe.
Your life and the lives of your family depend on your vigilance for safety.
Wishing you all a wonderful Fall season.