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Introducing Steve, our new team member and Blogger!

June 28, 2010

Premi-air CLIMATECARE is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen McGann to our residential sales team.  Stephen has extensive experience as an HVAC professional and is highly regarded by his industry peers.  He has been in the HVAC industry for 30 years starting part time with the Consumers’ Gas Company. He quickly moved up the ranks to reach the highly respected position of Special Fitter and ultimately was promoted to Technical Supervisor of the customer service department.  Feeling the need to expand his technical and managerial experience he joined a local Toronto based HVAC Company as their Service Operations Manager and stayed there until Sears Canada asked him to join their team as their HVAC Technical manager and all around technical guru. He leveraged all of his strengths and experiences as a key HVAC team member to help grow the Sears business across all of Canada. Stephen has dedicated his HVAC career to helping customers and believes his new position at Premi-air is an excellent fit in helping customers wade through all of the technological changes and efficiency improvements when deciding on which best equipment choices to make when replacing their HVAC systems.  

I am also very pleased to announce that Stephen has agreed to join me as a co-blogger and will be chiming in from time to time with helpful information for all of our customers.


Premi-Air ClimateCare Mission Statement

June 18, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Premi-Air just joined up with ClimateCare. I will tell you about what that means for us and our customers in future posts. Today I want to introduce our latest Mission Statement. This mission statement is the goal and guiding light for all of us at Premi-Air ClimateCare to follow. In every action that we take, whether it be servicing our customers in the field or performing office and managerial duties we must ask ourselves, “Am I executing my duties in a manner that is consistent with our company attributes? Is what I am doing and how I am doing it getting us closer to our goal and is it fulfilling our Mission Statement”  This will keep all of us focused and motivated.

So Here We Go.

The Premi-Air ClimateCare Mission Statement:

Guiding our customers to the best indoor climate solutions executed with superlative service and value.

(Webster’s define superlative as “surpassing all others of very high quality”)

Company Attribute Number 6

June 17, 2010

6. Professionalism

Performance of all our duties with care, pride and accountability.

Management Example

Respecting the space and time of our peers.

Field Example

Maytag Man – clean, neat, empathic. A model for best practice and behavior in the industry.

Company Attribute Number 5

June 16, 2010

5. Excellence

Striving for peak performance and quality in all our actions.

Management and Field Example

Exceeding the customers’ expectations by taking ownership of their issues in a friendly, professional and competent manner.

Delivering performance that you can take pride in.

Company Attribute Number 4

June 14, 2010

Hi Everybody,

I apologize that I haven’t blogged in a week. My world changed this week and since so much has happened, I did not have a chance to blog. I will now introduce our 4th company attribute.

4. Dedication

Putting the needs of our customers, team members and company ahead of our own personal needs.

Management and Field Example

Going beyond the scope of your job description when the situation calls for it.

Company Attribute Number 3

June 5, 2010


We take responsibility for the safety and comfort of our customers and delivery of all our promises all of the time.

Management Example

When our maintenance does not identify problems in advance, we will refund the maintenance charge and rectify the problem with high priority.

Field Example

Upholding the commitments of the employee manual including maintaining a neat and professional image.

Company Attribute Number 2

June 4, 2010

Good Morning Friends!

Today I want to present our company’s second Attribute.


Honesty and Integrity

Being true to our customers, suppliers and ourselves.

We will always use our knowledge, experience and professionalism to the benefit of our customers, suppliers and team members.

Management Example

We will have clear and defined expectations of roles, responsibilities and behaviors and we will stick to them.

Field Example

We acknowledge that mistakes due to human error occur and when they occur, we will acknowledge and take responsibility for them.

Company Culture

June 2, 2010

Hi Friends,

As part of our continuing effort to enhance our business, we have developed our new company culture along with the character attributes  that support this culture. We are in the process of fine tuning our employee manuals to reflect this new culture.  All our actions, decisions and policies will be checked against this backdrop of our culture and attributes to ensure that our culture will steer our company to success. We have chosen 6 primary attributes as the cornerstone of our new culture and I will introduce each one along with a brief explanation of them. Following each attribute will be an example of an actual behaviour that is influenced by that attribute.

I will start with the first one.

  1. Willingness to change


Recognizing the need and possessing the flexibility to change when the facts or situation changes.

Management Example

Change the way all jobs are processed – Clear and detailed job specifications, timelines and instructions.

Field Example

Accepting new technologies and processes.

Business Development – Harnessing Group Power

May 27, 2010

This week, we are implementing a new system to encourage employees to feel part of the team and harness the imagination of our entire team. We are creating a white board with 3 columns. The first column will have a list of all employee suggestions of how to improve the performance of the company. The second column will have the suggestions that are currently in the process of being implemented. The third column will list the suggestions that we have successfully implemented. This tracking system has many advantages. Firstly, it motivates our entire team to move on the suggestions to make sure that they all get implemented. Secondly, it creates an atmosphere of progress and motivation. Thirdly, it generates a feeling of pride and satisfaction throughout the whole team as we see our accomplishments. And most important, it allows us to harness the brainpower of every member of our team. Why not try this in your business?

Accountability – The Recipe for Success

May 15, 2010

One of the main reasons that things in a business do not get done is because there is confusion about who is responsible for the task. Accountability means that every item whether a task or a department must be clearly identified as one person’s responsibility. This way that person is accountable that the task is completed or the department is performing as per its expectations. If there is a problem in the department, it will be clear who is responsible. This “pressure” alone will make sure that everyone does their job.

Performance will be enhanced and the company targets will be reached.