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McGuinty Liberals – Anti Business

December 7, 2010

In my last post I discussed how the McGuinty Liberals have destroyed business in Ontario. I would like to explain this better. In order for manufacturing to thrive, 3 things are required.

  1. Stable and affordable energy prices.
  2. Low tax rates
  3. Reliable and large pool of employees.

McGuinty has bungled all 3 of these items.

Firstly, he introduced the largest tax increases and the largest deficits in Ontario  History. See more about this in The Toronto Star.

Secondly, he has introduced  hydro rate increases to the tune of 100% as we discussd in my last posting.

Worst of all, he made Ontario one of the worst jurisdictions in North America for labour and union law. Who in the world would consider opening a factory in Ontario when they are so likely to have to deal with the greedy unions. Everyone has seen how the unions behave like gangsters in the recent Toronto garbage strike, and how lazy and arrogant they are in the TTC. Which employer would want to deal with this poor labour environment? The union greed has forced all of our manufacturing to China. The unions destroyed Ontario. All the factory workers who are today unemployed have their unions to thank for shipping their jobs to China. They can also thank McGuinty for conspiring with the unions to get their votes.

McGuinty made Ontario into a have not province. Are you happy with the direction that our province is headed in? If not, make sure to have your voice heard in the next provincial election.

Please see the study below from The Fraser Institute on how McGuinty has destroyed employer opportunities in Ontario.

View this document on Scribd

Also see this blog about what Dalton did with the labour laws and the harm it has caused.

Electricity Prices on the Rise

December 5, 2010

John Snobelen just wrote an article in The Toronto Sun discussing the now “out of the bag” dirty secret on our dear provincial government. We can now expect our hydro bills to increase by 100% over the next few years. This has also been reported by the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. This is terrible news for the Ontario citizen. Do you expect your income to double in the next few years? Yet the Liberal government sees fit to double our hydro rates, sharply increase our taxes and reduce our services. This is simply unsustainable. There has been a lot of doubt cast upon the viability af the FIT Program and its benefits. I have watched over the past 8 years since the McGuinty Liberals have been in power as factories close, manufacturing disappear and thousands of jobs move to China. This is due directly to the misguided policies of the McGuinty government’s anti business policies.

Please see this video of some exchange in our provincial legislature.

Warning!! Power Failure

October 24, 2010

On October 8, 2010, Terence Corcoran wrote a compelling article in the Financial Post about where our electricity rates are headed.

He reports “The government’s regulator, the Ontario Energy Board, has prepared secret forecasts of how much Ontario consumers are going to have to pay for electricity over the next five years. The government won’t allow the report to be released. The next best estimate comes from Aegency Energy Advisors Inc., in a study it did for the Canadian Manufactures and Exporters group. Residential rates are expected to jump by 60% between 2010 and 2015. Industrial customers will be looking at a 55% increase.”

These huge increases, he says, are directly due to the Feed In Tariff that George Smitherman so proudly developed and announced in October of 2009 when he was energy minister of the Provincial rates.

See the announcement of the Feed In Tariff in the video below.

Are you happy with the direction of our rates? Will you be able to afford your current lifestyle if your energy rates are 2-3 times what you are paying now?

Energy Poverty is a term coined in the UK. Middle class people are unable to afford to heat and light their homes due to the skyrocketing costs? We in Ontario seem to be headed down that road.

Please see the entire article by clicking here.

Watch this video to get an understanding of the Green Energy Act and Tariff program.

Adam Beck’s Nightmare

August 1, 2010

In 1906, Adam Beck developed the concept of creating affordable electricity in Ontario. And so that’s how it was, Ontario had access to affordable energy that helped us boom in manufacturing and made us the economic engine of Ontario. All that came to a grinding halt in 1988 when our Provincial government decided to make electricity a business. Since then, our rates have doubled and manufacturing in Ontario was decimated. Andy Frame, in the Toronto Star itemizes the long list of expenses that consumers and businesses must pay in order to turn on the lights. Please see his fascinating article. I think we should go back to Adam Beck’s vision. Unfortunately, our politicians are too greedy for that. What do you think?

MicroFIT Program – Dalton Fibs Again

July 12, 2010

Today, in The Toronto Sun, Connie Woodstock reports that the OPA has suddenly reduced the electricity contracts awarded to farm based solar farms from $.80/kw to $.588/kw. This had the effect of killing thousands of projects that will no longer be financially viable. Solar companies are livid that their business will evaporate since these projects will no longer make financial sense with the reduced rates being offered. Please see the article and let me know what you think.

Ontario Is Headed For Energy Crisis

July 11, 2010

Today in the Toronto Sun editorial, they raise the issue of very poor planning that our provincial governments are guilty of regarding our power generation and distribution infrastructures. It is quite scary that we simply do not have enough power for our needs and our grid is terribly run down and obsolete. There is no way our system can support any growth in manufacturing. If it wasn’t for the fact that our manufacturing sector has been decimated, we would not have nearly enough power and distribution to support our needs. How are we in Ontario going to crawl out of this recession if we do not have enough electricity, our taxes are so high and our labour laws are from the worst in North America.  (Please see Fraser Institute  Study at side margin) How will potential employers even consider our province to establish their businesses? Have you ever discussed this with your MPP? Did you challenge Premier Dalton McGuinty with these questions? This is our future. Who is navigating our course? Without meticulous planning, how will Ontario become an economic powerhouse?

Please see the article from The Toronto Sun at the right side of the margin. It is titled, Does Dalton McGuinty Have a Power Plan?

Suffering From High Electricity Bills

June 25, 2010

Christina Blizzard from The Toronto Sun wrote a column about Mr. Les Crisp who was enticed by the province to “Live Better Electrically”. This was the catchy phrase the government advertised with to get people to heat their homes with electricity. Now he is paying a whopping $7,000 a year. He blames Dalton McGuinty for these drastic increases in electricity costs. There is no way to escape this terrible expense because even if you buy your electricity from an alternative supplier, you will get hit by the “Provincial Benefit” line on your gas bill that will inflate your costs. He anticipates that his bill will increase even further due to Dalton McGuinty’s “Green Energy Act” which inflates the cost of electricity to subsidize his Green Energy pet projects. We in Ontario are all in for a big surprise when our electricity costs will soar in the very near future. What are you doing to reduce your dependance on electricity?

Please see Christina’s article here or at the side of this blog.

Ontario Electricity Market – Very Scary Future

May 26, 2010

Abbas Chagani, Cynthia Wang and Yvan Masse wrote a great article on their Blog about the future of our energy costs in Ontario. They explain in a clear and detailed manner why energy costs are on the rise and how our Provincial Government made this happen even while electricity in general is going down. Please see their article as it is a real eye opener. For most homeowners who are struggling to get by, these increases will be quite painful. The only way to save ourselves from this is to upgrade our appliances to high-efficiency. The greatest consumers of energy in our homes are our heating and air conditioning systems. Right now, the province is still offering rebates to help consumers upgrade their heating and air conditioning equipment. If homeowners don’t act soon, they might find themselves choosing between heating their homes and feeding their families in the not to distant future. This energy poverty problem is already rampant in London and Germany.

Electricity Rates Going Through The Roof – High Profits for Hydro

May 10, 2010

Today, Lorrie Goldstien published an excellent article in The Toronto Sun about our electricity rates going through the roof. Although our Premier McGuinty tells us this is to fight climate change, it has nothing to do do with that. It is all about fat profits for Hydro One and to fill the Provincial coffers with mounds of cash, on the backs of us, the hardworking class. Lorrie warns that just like in the UK, people will start living cold and in the dark because they simply will not be able to afford the electricity to heat and light their homes.

You must see this article for yourself.