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Wynne’s Green Revolution – Hold On To Your Wallets

May 16, 2016

Today in The Globe and Mail, it was reported that the Wynne Liberals, intend to spend 7 BILLION DOLLARS of your money over 4 years to slash Ontario’s carbon footprint. How will they do this? Well, the article in today’s paper exposes the secret 57 page Climate Change Action Plan that the Wynne government intends to execute. It is a sweeping 80 policies grouped into 32 actions that will cost our province as a whole and all of us individuals huge money in the next 20 years.

I am really interested in hearing from all my friends how they feel about this initiative and how it will impact Ontarians. Please read the Globe article and let me know what you think.

I am very concerned about electricity becoming unaffordable for average consumers over this period of time. One main change the Wynne government intends to impose on Ontarians is outlawing any form of the affordable natural gas heat we now heavily rely upon and force consumers and businesses to heat their homes with electricity. Whether by forcing them into extremely expensive electric, heat pump or geo thermal heat pump based heating systems, our costs will skyrocket.

We were recently hit with a massive rate increase because we were using “too little” electricity and the poor electricity generation monopolies complained of insufficient profit because of their reduced sales that were directly impacted by the installation of so many high efficiency systems across Ontario.

Now Wynne has the ideal plan to ensure that the electricity monopolies get the profits they want. By forcing every home and business to heat with electricity, the demand for electricity will skyrocket, and of course the rates will skyrocket as well, but the consumer will be severely battered on all levels. Firstly, the cap and trade tax which will raise the price of everything, then our heating systems will change to electricity which will drastically increase our heating costs and to make it even worse, our electricity rates will skyrocket.

I am very concerned that living in Ontario will become unaffordable for the average working class family. How many of us can afford to increase our budgets by 30%? I believe conservatively that this will be the cost of these revolutionary changes.

But as a heating and air conditioning contractor who is also an Accredited Geothermal Designer and Installer, I must thank the Wynne liberals for ensuring that every heating and air conditioning system in Ontario will require changing to very costly new systems in short order. This will definitely keep us contractors very busy and very profitable.


Solar Air Conditioning! Is this possible?

July 18, 2010

Would you believe that solar-powered air conditioning is in the works? Soon you will be able to crank up the air without a tinge of “eco guilt”. The technology to do this is called Absorption refrigeration. This technology is currently used in RV’s to keep the refrigerators working when the power is off. Believe it or not, it relies on heat from a propane flame to keep a chemical reaction going that actually cools. Now, some creative engineers decided to use solar heat to do the same thing, resulting in solar cooling.

Some day your home will be cooled by the power of the sun. The hotter the sun gets, the more your air conditioner will cool with no environmental penalty.

Tyler Hamilton’s Article on Natural Gas in The Toronto Star

May 25, 2010

Tyler Hamilton wrote an interesting article in The Toronto Star yesterday about the future of natural gas. He claims that the future of natural gas as a main staple of energy is on the decline. I wonder if this is true. Please see his article by clicking here. Natural gas is relatively clean, efficient and affordable. Although geothermal is the least expensive option for home heating in the long run, upfront costs will continue to make geothermal unattainable for the vast majority of citizens who are struggling to survive financially. With our provincial government piling upon us tax after tax (HST) and drastically raising the cost of electricity, the financial viability is further being compromised. Remember, geothermal relies totally on electricity. When our electricity rates reach 25 cents/kwh (and they will very soon due to the FIT Tariff imposed by the province), it will be very difficult to justify geothermal heat because it will not offer much savings. Natural gas will always be a fuel of choice for the average homeowner. Please see Tyler’s article at The Toronto Star website or on this site by clicking on his article in the pages section to the right of this blog.

Geothermal – Forced Air – Does your contractor know his stuff?

May 24, 2010

Another major problem I often run into, especially in the retrofit market is ductwork that is not compatible with the newly installed geothermal system. Geothermal systems requires ductwork that is much larger than the duct that was previously serving the furnace and air conditioner that has been replaced. Most geothermal contractors have little or no understanding of how to design a duct system. If a duct system is inadequate to support the new geothermal heat pump, you will get excessive noise and popping sounds in your duct system. Even worse, your system will lose much of its efficiency. Does your geothermal contractor know how to read the complex performance charts in the engineering guide of the geothermal unit? Does he/she know that the performance of your system is greatly affected by the airflow capacity of your duct system? Does your contractor know how to size and design your duct system to ensure the proper CFM? (CFM = cubic feet of air per minute) Does your contractor know that the code requires 10′ of acoustically lined duct on either side of the unit and flexible duct connectors to reduce the noise and vibration transmitted through your duct system all over your home?

If your contractor cannot explain all these details to you confidently, you are probably headed for disaster? If you have any questions about any of my posts, please contact me any time. All my contact information is available on my Homestars page so please check it out.

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Geothermal Woes

May 23, 2010

Recently, I’ve been discussing  the problems with some geothermal installations that I have encountered and that have been reported in The Toronto Star. I noticed that many of these jobs that underperform, have properly installed geothermal systems. The problem with them is that the distribution of the heat in the home was not designed or installed properly. This is particularly a problem with radiant heat. Most geothermal contractors do not have the expertise to design and install a proper hydronic radiant system. Those who attempt to do the hydronic installation meet with disaster every time. Even those who call in radiant experts for the radiant portion also run into problems. This is because the hydronic radiant contractors don’t realize that a geothermal system operates differently than a hydronic system supplied by a gas boiler. A hydronic system using geothermal as the heat source must be designed and installed differently. If you are planning to use hydronic heat with a geothermal system, you must make sure that your contractor understands and has experience with hydronic and how to combine these technologies. When done correctly, this is the most efficient and comfortable system in existence. When done wrong, DISASTER!

Beware of Incompetent Contractors!!

May 19, 2010

Today we were called to investigate some problems at a geothermal installation.  The customer told me that his energy bills are higher now than they were with his old system. He was told by his installer, who is no longer in business, that he would save 60% on his energy bills. Upon inspection of his system, we found terrible design and installation errors. Piping was leaking, piping design was incorrect causing the geothermal unit to short cycle, water piping was installed in an area subject to freezing, pressure relief valves omitted and many other deficiencies. It is unfortunate that after spending $60,000 on an energy-efficient system, the system is not working properly.

All the equipment is ClimateMaster, which is quality equipment. ClimateMaster should be more selective with whom they sell their equipment to.

The good news is that we can correct all these problems although at a cost.

If you have problems with your radiant or geothermal systems, give me a call and I will try to help you too.