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My Home is too dry-Humidifier

November 20, 2012

Why isn’t my humidifier working? This time of year many people complain that their home is too dry. Nosebleed, dry skin, static, and dry throats are all so common in this season.
Most humidifiers only work when the furnace is actually firing. In this mild weather, your furnace only fires for around 5 minutes each hour, hardly long enough to humidify your home. “So what should I do?” you ask. Well there are some simple ideas that you can try. Firstly, don’t run your exhaust fan while showering and leave the bathroom door open. This will allow the moisture from your shower to humidify your home. Second, try leaving a pot of water simmering on your stove. But be sure to watch that it does not go dry or you might start a fire.
If all else fails, consider buying a high quality steam humidifier. Although it costs $2,000+, it will always keep your home perfectly comfortable. Check out Nortec, Generalaire and Aprilaire for high quality steam humidifiers.


Mould In Your Home

March 28, 2011

Do you or anyone in your household suffer from runny noses, headaches or sneezing? You might have mould in your home. Please see this video to help you avoid this problem.

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Boilers – Part 19 Humidity and Dryness

December 16, 2010

Have you noticed that your home is dry. Do you feel static when you touch things? Do you wake up with a dry mouth? Do you have dry skin?

Do you know that the average boiler will cause about 1,000 cubic feet of outside cold air into your home every hour that it is firing? Think of how much your air is dried out because of this cold outside air. Think of how much it is costing you to heat this air. With a direct vent boiler, all combustion air is drawn from outside directly into your boiler so it will not waste energy and not dry out your home. So..if your home is too dry and you have a conventional boiler, think about replacing it now.

My House Feels Hot

June 15, 2010

These days, as the temperature hovers around 22 Celsius or 72 Fahrenheit, many customers call and complain that their homes are uncomfortable. Their thermostats read whatever they set the temperature at but it still seems warm. This is typical in cooler humid weather since your air conditioner does not run long enough to remove the humidity. The simple solution to this is to lower your thermostat by 1 degree celsius or 2 degrees fahrenheit. This will allow the unit to run longer and remove the moisture from your home. Once the weather warms up, you can raise the temperature a few degrees.

So you see, it was easy…all you needed was a bit of information!

Happy and comfortable summer to all!

Heat Wave in Southern Ontario

May 27, 2010

Today, Teri Pecoskie reported in The Toronto Star, that we are breaking heat records in Southern Ontario. What is unique about this heat is that it is dry heat rather than the smoggy humid heat that we usually get. I am now at a conference in Sudbury and the weather is well over 30 deg.

This is an excerpt of the article.

The heat wave arrived without the heft and humidity that are usually generated when the city warms up, says Environment Canada climatologist David Phillips, because the hot air that’s flowing north this time comes from dry, southern states like Arizona.

Typically, Phillips said, it would be rolling up from the depths of the Ohio Valley, bringing with it the dampness that we tend to associate with the dog days of summer — and that traps smog over the city.

According to Environment Canada, the mercury had risen to 31 C by 2 p.m. today, breaking the current record of 30.6 C set on this day in 1944 and later matched in 1965.

“It’s kind of fair in a way because the last two summers have been bummers,” Phillips said. “This one is going to be a hummer.”

What’s even more unusual than the city’s smog-free heat wave is that areas to the north are all experiencing higher temperatures than we are.

On Tuesday, the temperature in Timmins was a balmy 35 C.

We have waited years for a great hot and sunny summer like this. Let’s enjoy this beautiful weather. I hope you all have a great and enjoyable summer!